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Trailer Mounted Boom – Boom Lift Hire


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Trailer Mounted Booms (Cherry Pickers) is part of the Aluminium Scaffolds Boom Lift Hire range. It can be towed behind a large 4WD or Ute and is a perfect mobile height access solution. Trailer Mounted Booms are suitable for a large variety of applications, especially in construction and maintenance where height access must often be mobile, controlled and temporary. Where scaffolding fails to adequately complete the task, you can feel rest assured Aluminium Scaffolds have other access equipment for your project. Contact Aluminium Scaffolds today for your access equipment today.


Lightweight and easily transportable, this trailer-mounted boom lift is the perfect choice for various indoor and outdoor tasks. The hydraulic stabilisers are designed for firm surfaces, which are great for cleaning, painting, and lopping. This boom lift for hire can be towed by an SUV, helping you do your tasks on the go.

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If you are looking for high-quality lift equipment, do not hesitate to contact us and send an enquiry. We can also answer any general enquiries that you have about our hire equipment and hiring process. At Aluminium Scaffolds, we aim to provide high-quality customer service on top of our premium products. Browse our other products to see how else we can help you, from cantilever scaffolds to knuckle boom lifts.


  • Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker – 12m
  • Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker – 15m