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Drop Scaffolding

Hire or Buy Drop Scaffolding with Aluminium Scaffolds

For unique challenges on the job that demands a specialised approach, consider the versatility of Drop Scaffolding. When faced with restoration tasks situated above busy thoroughfares where blocking traffic is not an option, or when traditional scaffolding proves impractical, Drop Scaffolding emerges as the ideal solution.

Benefits of Hiring Drop Scaffoldings

Unlike conventional methods or mobile crane platforms for extended height access, Drop Scaffolding, specially designed with the lightweight properties of aluminium scaffolding, allows for top-down scaffold construction. By anchoring or cantilevering from elevated positions or rooftops, Drop Scaffolding safely descends to locations where other scaffolding alternatives would prove inconvenient.

The adaptability of Drop Scaffolding extends to a range of scenarios. When your project primarily involves the roof of a building, there’s no need to invest in excessive scaffolding to reach the desired height. This not only saves valuable time and money but also enhances the efficiency of your job site. Our scaffolding for hire incorporates Aluminium Scaffold’s innovative press-fit and crimp system, streamlining the set-up and dismantling processes. The combination of this system with lightweight aluminium material ensures that our scaffolding is not only easier to construct than traditional steel scaffolding but also maintains the necessary rigidity.

If you’re looking for professional assistance, take advantage of Aluminium Scaffolds’ installation service, available alongside our hire options.


Reach out to us today to explore your Drop Scaffolding hire options and discover our comprehensive range of equipment and services that can support your project. Aluminium Scaffolds is committed to promptly addressing your inquiries and delivering high-quality service throughout the entire process.


We have a team of fully certified scaffolders who are ready to provide you with the correct advice to ensure that you are offered the best possible Access Solution, every time. With Free On-Site Consultations we are more than happy for one of our quality estimators to attend your site to review your access requirements.

With over 30 years of experience, we will be sure to get the right solution, first time, every time. From the initial site inspection, we can carry out all aspects of your Access Solution from the first delivery of scaffold to the site, to the last piece of scaffold to be dismantled and loaded onto our truck. All of our services are managed directly by our team, and all of our work is certified to meet WorkCover and WHS standards.