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Hire or Buy Cantilever Scaffold with Aluminium Scaffolds

Aluminium Scaffolds has an experienced team of scaffolders that can handle your mobile or static cantilever scaffolding installation. A Cantilever Scaffold is typically used where terrain conditions prohibit the use of mobile scaffold towers or a conventional scaffolding system. In it, cantilevered members direct the force of the scaffolding system into the structure itself, reducing the load on the ground which is unstable in many cases where the equipment is used.


Conditions that commonly require a cantilever scaffold include:

• Unstable or rough ground terrain that prohibits the erection of a traditional scaffold solution

• Ground surface is an important thoroughfare that cannot be blocked by a traditional scaffold solution

• Sloped roofs, angular building sections and hard-to-reach places that require close maintenance, installation or repair

From afar, they may look risky, with a large overhang supported by a scaffold, but through proper installation and superior materials, a cantilever scaffold is a sturdy and supportive scaffolding solution. Cantilever scaffolding is also commonly referred to as “needle scaffolding” due to the need for a “needle” which is the main load-supporting member of the cantilever scaffold system. Aluminium Scaffold are experts at installing these “needles” to ensure your cantilever scaffolding system is safe and sturdy for your workers and equipment.

Benefits & Installations

Our cantilever scaffolds are based on our aluminium system scaffolding system. Our Aluminium System Scaffold provides a strong, lightweight and versatile alternative to Steel Scaffolding with a press and crimp fit system that makes erection and disassembly quick and easy. At Aluminium Scaffold all of our system scaffold requires no welding, providing a far superior product to any other System Scaffold currently available on the Australian Market. Additionally, our installation service for all our cantilever scaffolding solutions cuts back on the time and energy expended further and leaves your scaffolding to our professionally trained expert scaffolders. 

Get In Touch For A Cantilever Scaffold

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We have a team of fully certified scaffolders who are ready to provide you with the correct advice to ensure that you are offered the best possible Access Solution, every time. With Free On-Site Consultations we are more than happy for one of our quality estimators to attend your site to review your access requirements.

With over 30 years of experience, we will be sure to get the right solution, first time, every time. From the initial site inspection, we can carry out all aspects of your Access Solution from the first delivery of scaffold to the site, to the last piece of scaffold to be dismantled and loaded onto our truck. All of our services are managed directly by our team, and all of our work is certified to meet WorkCover and WHS standards.